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The OpenCore Legacy Patcher experience: the best experience i have had!!!

January 13, 2024

So over the coarse of a few days, i noticed something: all of my programs were no longer supporting macOS high sierra!!! so i only had one option: use the OpenCore Legacy Patcher to make my mac get updated. so I decided to update my mac to Big Sur (which is no longer supported by apple officially, but it's the most stable version of macOS that programs still support and my non-metal GPU can take). so how was it? pretty good!!! i did have some issues and I did have to use my time machine backup but it was really good!!! no issues im having rn except that final cut pro now crashes on startup (i already tried to reset prefrences)

the music video for tally hall's "Good Day" is the most creative music video to ever exist

December 30, 2023

i love the music video for tally hall's Good Day so much. not just because the song is great but the AMAZING BEAUTIFUL music video. if you've never heard of the music video here:

Good Day - Tally Hall

Come back once you are done watching it.
Told you it was great! The video in video concept is awesome. I really want to one day try something like it.
I just realized I have no idea what else to talk about lol ok bye

the stupid things schools do that i hate

December 21, 2023

schools make me so mad in the way they do things and they block EVERYTHING. im suprised they havent blocked neocities yet (but they have blocked all the cookie clicker unblocked sites and every search engine that isnt google WHICH IS STUPID BY THE WAY) and then when im done with a assignment i either get more work or they tell me i can "do something quietly on my ipad" when all the good websites are blocked (INCLUDING GITHUB WHICH HAS BROKEN MANY WEBSITES. *cough cough bucketfish webring cough cough* *cough cough wiiring cough cough* and also the annoying a** kids. literally while writing this the kids next to me took one look at my screen and just went "HES HACKING!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!" like shut the f*** up you don't have basic brain knowledge but these kids see lines on a screen with different colored elements and just think im hacking and when i was making a fork on github someone else ALSO thought i was hacking and while im writing this i want to get away from these people they keep asking me "is your monitor 1080p?????" "hey why did you (insert annoying a** thing im trying to put in my past)????" like im tired of it. suprisingly MOST teachers are fine and not annoying but that doesn't mean there's no annoying teachers. and you know what im ready to leave this school i want to leave this d*** daycare full of people who still say "rizz" and "gyat". we are done with this article good f***ing bye